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WeightTalk ®
Personalized weight loss coaching

A company weight loss program that works.

Brought to you by the American Diabetes Association® and Alere Wellbeing, the Weight Talk® program achieves measurable, sustainable weight loss for general health and the prevention and management of type 2 diabetes. 

Small Changes. Big Results.

With the ongoing, phone-based guidance of a dedicated coach or registered dietitian, participants set realistic weight goals and assess their eating habits, physical activity, and stress management. Then, using the weight management tips from their coach, they learn to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

Tools to help master The 10 Essential Practices. 

Our website is structured around 10 evidence-based practices designed to help participants learn the weight-loss fundamentals. Between coaching calls, participants use the site to track their progress.

Weight Talk Online Tools for Weight Loss.

Program features we want you to know about. 

In addition to our expert coaching and innovative web tools, a few other features make Weight Talk® unique.

  • Weight Talk D - Diabetes Weight Loss

    Weight Talk® D

    Weight Talk® D

    Losing weight when you have diabetes can be challenging. Weight Talk D is a specialized track of the program tailored to the needs of people with type 2 diabetes. 

  • Wireless Activity Monitor

    Activity Monitor

    Activity Monitor

    Clients can elect to provide each participant a wireless activity monitor that uploads steps, calories burned, distance, and activity duration to the Weight Talk® website.

  • Biometric Test Kit

    Biometric Test Kit

    Biometric Test Kit

    Clients can elect to offer the in-home BioIQ A1C/Diabetes and Cholesterol Panel Test Kit to participants for an additional fee. Results available via the Weight Talk® website.

  • Weight Talk Welcome Kit

    Welcome Kit

    Welcome Kit

    Each participant receives our popular program guide, and a regular or diabetes-specific food journal. 

We're here to make sure you get results. 

Our clients love working with us. We provide daily account management, strategic planning to reduce to cost of obesity at worksites, policy expertise on weight loss and wellness, benefit design consultation, and promotional support.

Alere Wellbeing Client Services Team

Client Services

Your Client Services Manager will help you manage the program through the life of the contract. 

Alere Wellbeing Promotional Materials

Promotional Materials

Promoting the program couldn't be easier with our motivating, creative campaigns.

There's even more. Let us tell you about it.

Talk to our sales team to learn how we can help your employees lose weight and lower your cost exposure.  

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