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Research, Training, Evaluation
Improving health and outcomes with innovative research, scientific discovery and training programs

Research Center

Alere Wellbeing Research Library
Alere Wellbeing has contributed to more than 140 published research studies and maintains collaboration with the American Diabetes Association®, American Cancer Society® and an active research program funded by the National Institutes of Health, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and numerous academic institutions.

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Health Care Provider and Systems Training

Alere Wellbeing has more than a decade of experience with workplace wellbeing goals, providing training, technical assistance, and outreach to healthcare providers and healthcare systems nationally.

Field Training for Health Care Providers and Systems

Field Training

Regionally based specialists contact hospitals and clinics to offer health care providers resources, training and technical assistance.

Online training for health care providers and systems

Online Training

Website development and hosting for access to online tools and resources. Interactive CME accredited online trainings.

Data Collection & Program Evaluation

Alere Wellbeing Evaluation Services

Alere Wellbeing provides systematic, rigorous, and comprehensive evaluations using state-of-the art methodologies, data collection procedures, analytic approaches, and reporting options to determine how effectively our clients' programs control healthcare costs, inform decision making, and improve their services.

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