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American Cancer Society® | Quit For Life® Program
The nation’s leading tobacco cessation program

A proven way to overcome tobacco addiction.

Brought to you by the American Cancer Society® and Alere Wellbeing, the Quit For Life® Program is offered by more U.S. states and employers than any other tobacco cessation counseling program.

Backed by 25 years of scientific research.

The Quit For Life Program is the only commercial tobacco cessation counseling program in the U.S. with proof of effectiveness published in multiple peer-reviewed scientific journals over the course of 25 years.


Expert coaching makes all the difference. 

Our compassionate, highly trained Quit Coach® staff treat each smoker as an individual with a unique tobacco-use history, accounting for lifestyle and motivation for quitting. Coaches offer encouragement and proven strategies for overcoming nicotine withdrawal, cravings, stress, and fears about quitting. 

Participants receive multiple calls with a Quit Coach.

Web Coach® keeps them on track between calls. 

Our website keeps participants connected to their coaches, provides community support, and tracks their progress in their tobacco cessation treatment — all while guiding them through our evidence-based process of quitting and staying quit. 

Web Coach, a private online learning community for tobacco cessation

The right tools and support for every quit.

Everyone quits differently. Our tools cover all the bases. Texting, talking, e-mailing, reading, listening — participants get the type of support that works for their smoking cessation education.

  • Quit For Life Text Messaging

    Text Messaging

    Text Messaging

    Text2Quit is an integrated feature of the Quit For Life® Program that helps participants connect with their coach, use medications correctly, manage urges, and avoid relapse; all from their mobile phones.

  • Quit For Life Quit Guide

    Quit Guide

    Quit Guide

    All participants receive our popular 60-page printed workbook full of tips and exercises to help them get ready to quit, take action to quit, and stay quit long-term.

  • Quit For Life Spanish Language Support

    Spanish Support

    Spanish Support

    Our coaching, program website, quit guide, enrollment website, and promotional materials are all available in Spanish. Fifteen percent of our staff has been trained to support Spanish-speaking participants.

  • Quit For Life Mobile App

    Mobile App

    Mobile App

    The Quit For Life® mobile app is designed specifically to help you quit smoking and stay quit for life. Available as a free download from iTunes or Google Play, it’s a must have for all smokers in need of quitting support. 

We're here to make sure you get results.

Our clients love working with us. We provide daily account management, strategic planning on health insurance premium incentives, policy expertise on nicotine screening, benefit design consultation, and promotional support. 

Client Services

Your Client Services Manager will help you manage the program through the life of the contract.

Promotional Materials

Promoting the program couldn't be easier with our motivating, creative campaigns.

Not convinced? Let's talk about how healthy lifestyle behaviors-focused programs will measurably improve your employees' health.

Talk to our sales team to learn how we can help drive down your costs and boost employee health. 

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