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Bariatric Nutrition Counseling

Our Accomplish® nutritional and lifestyle counseling program is designed exclusively for weight loss surgery patients. 

Weight loss surgery is a life-saving, life-changing procedure for millions of people. But the benefits are not guaranteed. To be successful, patients must make major nutritional and lifestyle changes after surgery, and stick to them for the rest of their lives. Receiving nutritional counseling to assist with those changes may be the single most important aspect of recovery after weight loss surgery.

Each Accomplish® patient is assigned to a dedicated Bariatric Nutritionist who will counsel that patient weekly, bi-weekly or monthly over the phone. Our nutritional counselors work with patients as-needed to achieve pre-surgery weight loss goals and then to transition them over to a post-surgery eating plan in accordance with their surgeon's instructions.

Our goal is for patients to learn the behaviors needed to lose weight and maintain that weight loss, improving their health and wellbeing for life. We also offer Back-on-Track, an advanced nutritional counseling solution for patients who are struggling with weight loss or experiencing weight regain.  

Accomplish® bariatric nutrition services have been in operation since 1994. Today the program is offered nation-wide to health plans, employers, surgical practices, and individuals.

Program Options:

  • Pre and post-surgery counseling: 23 nutritional counseling sessions over the course of 12 months with a dedicated Bariatric Nutritionist. Customized eating plan based on individual surgeon recommendations. 
  • Back-On-Track Service: includes 8 counseling sessions over the course of 3 months focused on re-establishing behaviors that lead to weight loss for patients in relapse or who are having difficulty reaching their goal. 

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When you make a life-changing decision… you go into it scared–afraid that nobody will know what you’re feeling. After the first telephone appointment with Accomplish, I knew I could put those fears aside.
My dietitian was my life-line. She not only helped me figure out the most successful possible pre-surgery diet; she helped me understand where my past diets had failed. She worked with me on a personal and professional level to make me understand what I needed to do to ensure my surgery was successful as well as after my surgery.
As I researched gastric bypass surgery, I discovered that one of the key components for a successful program was working with a nutrition counselor.  I would not have been as successful and it would have been much more stressful without the support and information that Accomplish provided me.
Your program was very good - I had never worked that closely with a dietitian and found it very informative. This has been a life-altering change - not only physically but mentally. I couldn’t have done it without the help of my dietitian.

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