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Health Management ROI: Is this all there is?

In this white paper, Michael Connor, DrPH, a member of the Steering Committee that developed the Program Measurement and Evaluation Guide: Core Metrics for Employee Health Management, makes the case for a “broader value proposition” that includes more than ROI.

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Smoke-Free Workplace Infographic

Smoke-Free Workplace Infographic WP

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7 Must Haves When Choosing a Weight Loss Vendor

7 Must Haves When Choosing a Weight Loss Vendor WP

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Guide to a Smoke-Free Workplace

Guide to a Smoke-Free Workplace White Paper

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Premium Differentials for Tobacco Users

Premium Differentials for Tobacco Users White Paper

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Ten Steps to a Smoke-Free Workplace

Ten Steps to Moving to a Smoke-Free Workplace WP

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7 Ways a Healthy Workforce Reduces Health Care Costs

7 Ways a Healthy Workforce Reduces Health Care Costs WP

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Step by Step Guide: How to Set Up a Premium Differential

Step by Step Guide: How to Set Up a Premium Differential WP

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The Diabetes and Obesity Link: Costs & Solutions. (American Diabetes Association)

White paper presented by ADA and AWI discussing the link between diabetes and obesity

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From Presenteeism to Flow: Simple Measures to Re-Engage and Re-Energize Your Workforce

Frank Forencich, internationally recognized leader in health education and performance training, discusses the costs and causes of presenteeism in this white paper and offers proven strategies for revitalizing the health and productivity of your staff through onsite physical activity training and education.

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Offset the Costs of Diabesity: Lower the Incidence Through Lifestyle Changes


Best Practices for Premium Differentials in Tobacco Cessation

Based on a presentation given by Alere Wellbeing's Vice President of Client Services, Yuki Yang, and a panel of human resources professionals, this paper covers lessons learned and best practices for implementing a premium differential at your worksite.

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The Economic Impacts of Obesity in the Workplace - And, What You Can Do About It

This white paper, based on a webinar presented by Dr. Ron Goetzel of Emory University and Thomson Reuters, discusses the cost of health and productivity-related expenditures that employers face, the role obesity plays in creating or exacerbating these conditions, and employer strategies for how to offer the best support for obese and overweight employees.

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Deconstructing DASH: How Your Workforce Can Benefit from America's #1 Rated Diet

US News and World Report named the DASH Diet as the "Best Oveall Diet" three years in a row. This white paper, based on a webinar presented by Dr. Robert F. Kushner, provides an overview of DASH, compares it to other top ranked diets, and offers insights into the evidence behind its design.

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Mobile Apps, Text Messages, & Social Media: Can They Really Help Smokers Quit?

In a day when 47% of adults use social media, 85% own cell phones, and 72% use their phones to send and receive text messages, the new frontier for driving engagement in behavior change programs may be mobile technology and social media. Based on the webinar presented by Dr. Lorien Abroms, this white paper discusses new technologies for tobacco cessation: what they are, how they work, and the evidence that supports them.

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Carving Tobacco Cessation Out of Wellness

Tobacco cessation is the most cost-effective benefit you can offer your adult employees, but only if it generates positive outcomes. This white paper, based on the presentation given by special guest speakers Dr. Steven A. Schroeder and Dr. John R. Hughes, addresses the unique challenges of nicotine addiction, the tools necessary to successfully overcome it, and what to look for when choosing a specialized tobacco cessation program for your organization.

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Reducing Employee BMI: Incentives and Weight Bias in the Workplace

In 2010, at least one-third of employers plan to offer a reward or penalty to encourage employees to reduce their BMI. Yet weight bias is prevalent in the workplace even before incentives for BMI reduction are introduced. This white paper, derived from a presentation given by Dr. Rebecca Puhl and Dr. Jennifer Lovejoy, discusses weight bias, reviews well-known examples of employers who offer incentives tied to BMI, and offers practical strategies to promote a supportive worksite environment.

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Fighting Cancer Through the Promotion of Healthy Behaviors

Epidemiological studies have shown that 75 to 85 percent of all cancers are caused by environmental exposures, and of those, lifestyle-related factors are the most important and preventable. This white paper, derived from a presentation given by the American Cancer Society's Thomas J. Glynn, PhD, discusses the modern lifestyle and its relationship to cancer, as well as the practical strategies that individuals and employers can use to adopt and promote healthier behaviors.

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Obesity: the New Tobacco; A Parallel of Epidemics

For decades, tobacco has been known as the number one cause of preventable death and disease. Now, obesity is becoming an equal contributor to the burden of morbidity and mortality. This white paper discusses the parallels of these two epidemics, the potential crossovers in prevention tactics, and the ways that subsidized, comprehensive programs can help address the issue at the heart of both epidemics.

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Premium Differentials and Surcharges

Many of Alere Wellbeing's clients have found that implementing premium differentials and surcharges is a powerful tobacco cessation strategy. The following brief illustrates best practices for launching a premium-based initiative that has intuitive appeal, sends a positive and decisive message about the importance of quitting tobacco use, is an excellent vehicle for financing a tobacco cessation program, and is a long-term solution that provides measurable outcomes.

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Strategies for Increasing Physical Activity in the Workplace

Today’s environment makes it extremely easy to neglect physical activity. Labor-saving technology, long commutes by car or bus, and hours spent on the computer for both work and play drain us of energy and make it even harder to find time in our busy schedules to get up and move. This white paper presents practical strategies for increasing physical activity in the workplace and decreasing employer spend on health care and productivity losses.

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Worksite Walkability Tool

Helping your workforce to increase their daily physical activity will not only improve their health, but also their concentration and productivity. This Worksite Walkability Tool will walk you through questions that will help you determine the safety, ease, and ambience of areas surrounding your worksite that can contribute to whether your employees feel comfortable and safe walking to and from your building.

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Healthy Worksite Check-Up Tool

This Healthy Worksite Check-Up Tool will walk you through six areas of worksite health: Health Promotions, Tobacco Use, Food, Physical Activity, Stress and Corporate Culture. Use this tool to evaluate the depth and breadth of the initiatives your organization already has in place, and to help you identify the areas that may need improvement.

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Healthy Worksite Thought Starters

Need a description for the whole suite of thought starters.

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Strategies for Reducing Employee Stress in the Workplace

This Clear Insights paper from Alere Wellbeing will show you practical strategies for improving your organization’s stress environment, so you can help your employees reduce their stress and be the healthiest they can be.

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Strategies for Investing in a Healthy Workforce

Today’s environment makes it difficult for your employees to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Investing in a healthy worksite environment and implementing strategies that encourage your employees to engage in healthy behaviors will allow you to improve the overall health and productivity of your workforce -- and improve your bottom line. Read this white paper for best practices from Alere Wellbeing.

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America's Weighty Problem: A Failing Weight Loss Industry and Solutions for Employers

Despite a $40 billion weight-loss industry, present attempts to curb the obesity epidemic have been unsuccessful. The "solutions," mostly popular diets or unproven over-the-counter dietary supplements, are focused on short-term weight loss goals rather than life-long health. This white paper illustrates how a combination of a comprehensive, long-term weight management program and a healthy worksite environment can prepare individuals for a lifetime of healthy behaviors.

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A Guide to Workplace Incentives for Tobacco Cessation

Alere Wellbeing has found that employers successfully increase participation in wellness programs when they reward healthy behaviors throughout the course of the program rather than focusing on the end result. By implementing an approach that includes a comprehensive program supported by a positive environment, led by a team that anticipates the future, you will find that offering incentives can promote positive behavior change, positively impact your bottom line and improve employee relations.

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