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From Presenteeism to Flow: Simple Measures to Re-Engage and Re-Energize Your Workforce

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At $16,000 per disengaged employee, per year, presenteeism is corroding your bottom line. Presenteeism is defined as diminished engagement in a workplace setting leading to a decrease in productivity. Yet at its core, presenteeism is a symptom of something much more sinister:  a culture of lifestyle dysfunction and disease. Sedentary living, combined with poor nutrition and chronic stress, has led to a nation that is overweight, exhausted, and mentally disengaged.

In our webinar presented by Frank Forencich, internationally recognized leader in health education and performance training, we discuss the costs and causes of presenteeism and offer proven strategies for revitalizing the health and productivity of your staff through onsite physical activity training and education.

What You Will Learn:

  • Costs: Review the consequences of presenteeism - financial, physical, psychological, and social.
  • Causes: Discover how the modern environment sets up your employees for lifestyle dysfunction.
  • Cures: Learn how you can develop a corporate culture based on engagement and "flow" by introducting short, easy "movement snacks" for your employees throughout the day.

Our Speaker

Frank Forencich earned his B.A. at Stanford University in human biology and neuroscience and has over 30 years teaching experience in martial art, functional movement and health promotion. He is the author of Play as if Your Life Depends on It, Exuberant Animal, and Change Your Body, Change the World: Reflections on Health and the Human Predicament

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