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Healthy Lifestyle Behaviors

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Alere Wellbeing, We fight smoking and obesity, one person at a time.

How we deliver our promise of health and wellness

Alere Wellbeing’s evidence-based programs address modifiable employee health risks that contribute to chronic disease: tobacco use, obesity, poor nutrition, physical inactivity, and stress. 

  • Coaching Solution

    Coaching Solution

    Coaching Solution

    Personalized coaching support that inspires your employees to identify and address unhealthy behaviors before they escalate into high-cost chronic conditions.

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  • Tobacco Cessation Program

    Tobacco Cessation Program

    Quit For Life

    The nation's leading tobacco cessation program for employers and government agencies. 

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  • Weight Loss Program

    Weight Loss Program

    Weight Talk

    An evidence-based weight loss and diabetes weight loss program for employers.

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  • Research, Training, Evaluation

    Research, Training, Evaluation

    Research, Training,

    We are committed to the advancement of the science of health behavior change. We maintain an active research program and offer training and program evaluation services. 

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Why our clients love us

Organizations choose us for our evidence-based, outcomes-driven behavior change programs and stay with us for the outstanding support and guidance they receive from our client services team.

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